Sports betting guide

Sports betting guide

Betting continues to grow in popularity and there is no shortage of places where you can be placing your wagers. There are lots of sports to place bets on, but which are the most popular? You can always rely on the sports betting guide to give you some ideas on who to back.


Whether it be your High Street bookies or an online one, people love to visit them and bet on football. It’s a global sport and bookmakers offer a wealth of matches to try and get a winner on.

You can find games to bet on at all times of the day from all over the world. All the top league and cup games will have odds available but that’s not all. Football is so popular to bet on; you can have a go at trying to work out who’s going to win that youth match being played in Japan or a Huddersfield Town reserves match.

Horse Racing

This has been a popular sport to bet on for decades and will continue to do so. All those hours spent studying the latest form and then hoping your selection will be a winner.

There are opportunities to bet on the sport of Kings every day of the year. Not just UK and Irish racing but races from the USA, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries around the world. There’s even virtual horse racing nowadays, no heart beats but the thrill you get when backing a winner is just the same.


This is another sport that barely ever seems to have a rest. Tennis gives punters plenty of chances to get winners and that’s particularly the case with in-play betting. The odds will fluctuate as the game progresses and it’s not just about the overall winner.

There’s game and set betting available, so no wonder it’s a popular sport to bet on. It’s not all about Wimbledon or the US Open though. You can be placing bets on tournaments every week on the main tours but the lower levels of the sport too.


There’s nowhere near as many betting opportunities available for boxing but it’s still incredibly popular to bet on. It’s a thrilling sport where bouts could end at any time and that makes it great to bet on. It’s even better if you can watch the fight live. Your selection may be losing the fight but could knock their opponent out at any time. Imagine the thrill you get when that happens.

American Sports

Recent years have seen the emergence of online bookmakers. This has seen the number of sports covered increase dramatically. Being able to place bets on American sports such as Basketball, American Football, Baseball and Ice-Hockey has become extremely popular.

You might end up a bit tired in the morning though after some late nights following all the action. There are plenty of betting opportunities available and live betting can be a rollercoaster ride. That’s particularly the case with a basketball match where points are being scored on a continual basis and odds forever fluctuating.

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