Best ways deposits to your betting account

Best ways deposits to your betting account

When you open a new betting account with an online site, there are lots of factors to take into consideration. One of those is just how you are going to be making deposits into your new account. There are numerous payment methods that are available, but which are the three best ways to make deposits you’re your betting account?

Safety First

Safety is a key consideration when joining an online betting site. The last thing that you want to fall foul of is fraud. This comes into play long before you make your decision over which payment method to use.

It’s important to join a site that is licensed and regulated. This means they have someone to answer to if anything does go wrong. Also look to join a site that has a valid security certificate.

Choosing which payment method to use for your deposits is important. The safer the better because you will want to see your financial transactions carried out without fear of fraudulent behaviour.


E-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill are the recommended best way to make deposits. They offer an instant transfer of your funds into your account.

PayPal is a payment method that is increasingly being used.  If this is your preferred choice of payment method, you will find that there are more and more PayPal casinos becoming available. One bonus in using PayPal is that unlike with credit/debit cards you won’t be disclosing any personal information. If that’s the case then if there is a security breach, the amount of information known about you is limited. PayPal uses advanced encryption technology and has over 100 currencies available.

Using E-Wallets also helps when it comes to making withdrawals. Whereas debit/credit cards will take several days to return cash to your account, E-wallets make instant transfers. This prevents the possibility of any cash flow problems.

Debit Cards

This is a popular choice and online betting sites accept a good selection of them as payment methods, particularly Visa. Using a debit card will see you receiving a great deal of protection due to the use of encryption. Fees won’t be charged and the deposits you make will go straight into your account.

There are some downsides though in using debit cards. You do need to share your card details with the online bookmaker. This can help speed up the time it takes to carry out financial transactions but there’s always the fear of a security breach. There’s also the amount of time that It takes your withdrawals to reach your account.

Credit Cards

Again, any amounts transferred will swiftly make their way into your online bookmaker account. There are again the fears of security breaches. The transactions made via this method will be insured by the credit card provider. This means you are protected if someone gets hold of your credit card details and start spending your money. This isn’t the quickest of processes though.

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